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          1. 可再生能源電氣工程師英文簡歷模板

            DONALD  JOBS
            (+86) 139-00××-××00
            No.67, Lane123 Job Rd.District, Shanghai, 200070
            Seeking an Entry-Level Position Within the Renewable-Energy Sector
            Recent BSEE graduate and EIT with experience as an electrical engineer intern for a major solar power solutions manufacturer.
            Possess the analytical abilities and technical skills necessary for engineering innovative designs and applications. 
            Solid understanding of electrical engineering theory, industry-standard circuit design, testing tools and photovoltaic (PV) systems.
            XYZ UNIVERSITY 
            Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
            Activities: IEEE, Student Member .Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Student Chapter
            Senior Capstone Design Project: Completed renewable-energy engineering project involving the design of switch-mode power electronic converters and electric drives for wind-energy converters.
            Relevant Courses:  Digital Electronics, Circuit Theory, Analog Electronics/Circuits, Logic Design, Signals & Systems, Sustainable Electric Energy, Verilog Hardware Description Language (HDL) & Digital Design
            Engineer in Training (EIT)  
            Passed the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam
            ABC COMPANY
            Sometown, CA
            Photovoltaic manufacturer providing solar electric power systems solutions.
            Electrical Engineer Intern
            11/2010 to 11/2011
            Custom designed and sized solar PV systems for residential and commercial customers using AutoCAD to generate detailed computer drawings. Participated in research and marketing projects to promote renewable energy and drive business growth.
            Key Contributions:
            Worked under senior electrical engineers to design PV systems that converted sunlight into electricity.
            Equipped selected PV systems with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) capability, allowing customers to operate selected circuits for hours (or even days) during a utility power outage.
            Assisted in distributed system voltage performance analysis for high-level penetration photovoltaics, contributing to research study that will be used to optimize future PV systems.
            Conducted efficiency and price/watt comparisons on other solar power systems on the market to gather intelligence used for marketing campaigns.
            Wrote content for company blog to educate the public on the advantages of solar electric power.
            “…Janet was an excellent addition to our electrical engineering team…She worked on her first PV system design in the first week of her internship. She shows an excellent command of digital integrated circuitry and photovoltaics…” — Tom Carter, Senior Electrical Engineer, ABC Company
            AutoCAD, C, C++, Mathematica, FrameMaker, MicroStation, MS Project and Excel

            文檔來源 簡歷研究院